office pod

Available in four sizes to suit your requirements

indoor structure

10min installation

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The inflatable office pod is one of of our highly versatile indoor structures. The office pod comes in a range of sizes with the smallest at 3x3m, the 3x4m and 4x5m, and the largest at 6x5m. All pods are 2.4m tall. The smallest of our pods weighs just 7.5kg meaning it can be easily transported in its bag. Despite its weight, it provides a large usable floor area of 4.5mq when open, or 4.2mq when closed, providing a quieter and more private space.

The largest of our pods at 5x6mq weighs 25kgs and has a usable floor space of 19.5mq when open. The large size makes it a perfect option for a pop-up conference and meeting room. It is capable of holding up to 32 people seated along with a projection screen/podium and speakers set up. Due to the intelligent design, the inflatable office pod is freestanding meaning that no space is wasted and no unsightly rigging or stands are required.