24m dome

A large event structure in the dome range of inflatables.



2-3h installation

55mph wind rated

standing capacity 700

conference capacity 400

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The 24m Temporary Structure is the largest dome in the Evolution Dome range, It has a massive internal floor space of 380msq making it a great option for events such as festivals, concerts, exhibitions and conferences. It is a great alternative to traditional marquee and tent designs due to its unique, contemporary look and quick install and de-rig times. This structure can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is fully waterproof and resistant in wind gusts of up to 55mph due to our unique Air Beam technology.

The 24m Temporary Structure has a external diameter of 24m, impressive door heights of 2.5m, rising to over 8m at its highest point, this dome is the largest and most impressive dome structure available on the market. When set up for a conference, it can hold over 400 seats including a 4x6m stage. Standing room for concert capacity is amost 700 including stage, sound and lighting. The inflatable marquee can also be used as a pop up restaurant or wedding reception venue which can accommodate 34 tables with 10 seated at each.

To complete your event we also provide a selection of flooring options as well as glass doors and LED lighting packages.