15m cube

A great alternative to classic marquee and tent designs



2h installation

55mph wind rated

standing capacity 370

conference capacity 170

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The 15m Inflatable Cube has a massive 185msq usable floor space.

The 15m Inflatable Cube structure can hold a maximum of 370 people and is a great venue for festivals, product launches, corporate events, exhibitions as well as weddings and parties. It can also hold approximately 17 tables with a maximum of 170 seated guests if set up in a restaurant style configuration. The unique and contemporary design of our inflatable structure means they can be lit with our coloured LED event lighting to create any colour scheme required.

The 15m inflatable cube can be installed in just 2 hours by a small team of 5 people. For an temporary structure of this size, this is a great time saving option compared to marquees and tents of similar proportions. If required, you can also add other structures to this one seamlessly using our reinforced zipper system, creating a multi-room environment.